Ahead of most of our competition, our designs are now undertaken with the latest BIM (Building Information Management) software. This allows us to develop and evolve our designs to produce the most efficient layouts. The BIM software has many benefits such as the visualisations shown on this page.
The architect designed houses for this estate all offer generous family accommodation constructed to the highest standards with the sincere aim of providing genuine lifetime accommodation. The layout optimises private garden space and focusses on providing a civilised and secure living environment.

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Spire View - March
The Rollesbury
The Peyton
The Herland
26 Spire View
24 Spire View
12 Spire View
25 Spire View
10 Spire View
13 Spire View
The Rollesbury Floor Plan
The Peyton Floor Plan
The Herland Floor Plan
The Rollesbury Kitchen
The Peyton Kitchen
The Herland Kitchen