Lavender Mills - Manea
Our most recent aquisition, this project to provide 28 new bungalows is in planning and details will be made avaialble as more information becomes available.

Augustine Place - Wicken
A short walk from the world famous Wicken Fen, this development of houses and bungalows in a glorious rural village setting is now in construction and full details will be available soon.

Spire View - March
Now nearing completion, this development has a unique appeal within March is sold out.

Fallow Court - March
A small but exciting development of 4 first step homes for sale freehold now all sold.

A Good Idea?
How would you fancy a form of heating that was absolutely free, cheap to install and had an operational zero carbon cost? Too good to be true? Then how about the "Solarventi"? This simple device screws to any external wall facing south east through south to south west. It contains a photovoltaic solar panel which powers a small fan to draw air though the panel and blow it into the house giving free warmth. The device can be operated either by a simple on/off switch or a thermostatic control. Naturally the device will only work in sunlight, but any heat it puts into your home, is heat energy that you do not have to buy from your electricity or gas supplier. Now, our question is this, would such a gadget make your buy one of our homes in preference to a home without it or are we wasting our time in considering fitting it to new homes for sale? Please tell us what you think here

In the Press -
Spire View on Panasonic Website - Panasonic UK have featured Spire View on their UK website highlighting the use of Panasonic air sourced heat pumps throught the development.
Riverdown development on the front cover of "Building Products" - The front cover of the February 2008 edition of Building Products magazine (see top left image on the right of this page) showed the rear elevation of our spilt level river side homes on our Riverdown development in March and as can be seen by this magazine front cover and the subsequent leading article on page 3, this project is often used to demonstrate how a fully glazed Juliette balcony can be both visually unobstrousive and simultaneously strong enough to provide safe protection from falling by using properly engineered structural glass.
Riverdown development in "Housebuilder & Developer" -We were pleased to see an article in this erstwhile publication which again featured our fashionable riverside homes. Page 17 of the March 2008 issue has a full page description with photographs (see top right image on the top to the right of this page) of our balconied development over looking the tranquil "old course" of the River Nene.
Construction Director in "Construction News" and "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning" -In his capacity as Ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Building, Marcel Cooper our Construction Director was asked to attend roundtable talks to discuss the introduction and future development of the new Energy Performance Certificates (see third, fourth and fifth image from the top to the right of this page) required for both domestic housing and commercial buildings.
Mulberry Lea highlighted in "Construction Manager" Case Study -The May issue of Construction Manager magazine features three page article dedicated to the Altherma air sourced heat pumps.This informative article (see bottom right image to the right of this page) is intended to form part of professional builders' CPD and our site, Mulberry Lea is identified as the case study for this system.
Riverdown development in "Balcony News Magazine" - Edition III of this magazine features a full page article on page 27 about the glass Juliet balconies used on our Riverdown development.

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