The homes are based on the tested and proven quarter home principle where smaller accomodation is provided in a larger building with vertical division only being used to split the freehold ownership of the building between purchasers. Every effort has been made to create a big feel in a smaller home and make these homes as enjoyable to live in as possible. All will come with, fitted wardrobes, fitted ktichens, extraordinary standards of insulation, stock bricks, clay tiles, feature paving, low running costs and a warming ownership experience for those that live in them.

The homes are designed with "Secure by Design" guidance in mind, not only will they be fitted with PAS24:2016 compliant glazing and door sets, but by including dusk to dawn lighting and eliminating corners where miscreant can lurk unobserved, the layout ensures day and night security.
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Fallow Court - March
Fallow Court - Floor Plans