Augustine Place

This select development of family homes and bungalows nestles in beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside and is only a short walk from the charming village centre.

The development nestles between the village and open countryside providing a quiet and civilised place in which to live and yet it is well served by Wicken's friendly community and village facilites.

A short walk from Augustine Place along Chapel Lane will lead to a large playground complete with "Parcours" training machines for adults as well as playing fields and beyond, the village has many unusual features.

The estate has been laid out to ensure that all homes have rear orientations from East through South to West so residents can make the most of their private rear gardens.

Each home has a generous carport or garage and all are finished to the same high stadard.

The homes are all equipped with the latest air sourced heat pump technology and we have now built over 90 homes with air sourced heat pumps so we are confident that our homes are built correctly to take full advantage of all the benefits that a modern air sourced heat pump offers.

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Augustine Place - Wicken
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