The True Cost of Air Sourced Heat Pump Heating and Hot Water

We can think of no better way to prove how economical this system is to heat your home, than to invite you to come and experience our warm and cosy show home for yourselves.

We have fitted an additional power consumption meter (above the desk in our sales office and adjacent to the main fuse board) to the electrical supply running to the Heat Pump unit and we invite you to come and record for yourselves the power consumed in running our show home, plot 9 home design Hethersett (UpAj) the results, analysed on a week by week basis which is available to download in pdf format by clicking on the button below.

During the first full calendar year since 23rd September 2007 - this home alone has saved over £485 and 4.06 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide which an average family car running cleanly at 150g/km would produce in about 10,800 miles! Don't forget that in Upwell, there is no mains gas and the saving against oil is in excess of a staggering £1050. We will regularly update the figures as they become available and if you click on the link below, you can log for yourself how much better off you could be.
How's that for ecofriendly offsetting?

It is interesting to note that the figures that we record and our subsequent analysis are forwarded to and monitored by the BRE in their ongoing study of air sourced heat pumps and we are pleased to be able to help.

An Air Sourced Heat Pump saves you money and reduces your Carbon Footprint - this truly is the technology of tomorrow, but available today and it works!

Additionally, we include the cost of running the central heating circulation pump, control valves and boiler controls etc. This, plus the electricity used to power the fans fitted to all modern condensing boilers is expenditure that most people forget when they calculate the true cost of heating.
We base the prices taken for these calculations on the best prices that we can currently find for each of the different types of fuel and we adjust these prices as price increases are issued.The oil price has remained constant through the winter to reflect a 1000l tank. Last year you could have heating oil delivered for 40p/litre, at the moment the price is just over 65p/litre and tell me, do you think that the price of oil is going to go up or down next year?

Download the full weekly costing and see if you fancy the prospect of having a reasonable heating bill when others around you are dreading the arrival of their next oil delivery. Do you really want to subsidise exotic life styles in the middle east with your hard earned income or would you prefer to have economical heating and a chunk of money in your wallet? It's a bit of a "no brainer" isn't it?

Wouldn't you rather heat your home with an Air Sourced Heat Pump?
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