Why Air Sourced Heat Pumps?
The Problem
1) We live in times of escalating energy costs.
2) Our environment is subject to increasing levels of pollution and we must reduce our
carbon footprint.
3) We want our homes to be warm and comfortable.
4) There is no mains gas supply available in Upwell.
5) All new gas boilers must be of the condensing variety that are proving to be relatively unreliable.
6) Oil fired central heating is expensive and a needs huge tank.
The Answer
1) Air sourced heat pumps use electricity to suck heat out of the air and put it in the home - just like a fridge, but backwards!
2) On average, for every kWh of electricity you put in, you will get 3.5kWh of heat out!
3) There is no need for a gas supply with a gas standing charge
4) There is no risk of gas explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning
5) The Altherma unit is very reliable because it is basically a big fridge, when did your fridge last breakdown?
6) With Altherma, we install larger radiators so that we can have a lower circulation temperature, this gives lower heat losses in transit, gentle and comfortable heating and far less creaking and groaning as the pipes expand and contract.
7) The Altherma works best running constantly and is probably most economic when running 24 hours per day. If you doubt this, think about having to drive from Stansted to Gatwick with three passengers and their holiday luggage. Imagine that on the way there you drive a Volkswagen Golf GTi flat out straight through the middle of London, lurching from one queue to the next but following the geographically shortest route;this is a reasonable analogy for the way in which modern high efficiency gas fired condensing boilers operate. But on the way back, you adopt the Air Sourced Heat Pump philosophy and you drive a basic Volkswagen Golf 1.4 litre round the M25 at a consistent 56 mph and amazingly there aren't any queues. If you had to choose to pay for the fuel on one leg of this trip, which would you choose to pay for?
8) In the future, it is obvious that photovoltaic cells will become far cheaper and more commonly available but most people do not at present realise that those available now are only 20% (at best) efficient. However, our research has shown that development cells are now operational which work at about 80% and these should be available on the retail markets within a few years. When that happens, roof installation of photovoltaic cells will make sound economic sense and these homes will have the potential to be carbon neutral.
9) These homes are fitted with "Economy 10" electric meters which allow 10 hours of cheap electricity per day.
10) Air Sourced heat Pumps have been tried and tested all over the world - it is proven and effective technology.
The Conclusion
We think that we would be barmy not to use an Air Sourced Heat Pump!

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