Why Buy a New House Rather than an Old One?

To some of you, the answer will be obvious, but if you haven't really thought about what a new house can offer, then please consider the following list of points and think about how second hand homes differ:
- A clean fresh start
- An insurance underwritten guarantee
- Lower heating costs
- Better draught proofing
- Thicker and better insulation
- More comfortable living environment
- Professional, consistent and independently checked standards of construction
- No onward chain
- Asbestos free construction
- New drains
- Thicker and more efficient hot water tank insulation
- New tested electrical installation
- Electric sockets generally RCD protected
- No resident vermin
- No resident bugs
- New garden fencing
- New paths and drives
- New windows and doors
- New contemporary sanitary ware
- New kitchen appliances
- New carpets
- More rigorous construction standards
- New roof
- Record plan of plot services
- This list could be endless!
Now think about the second hand home that you have been offered and put a cost to upgrading that home to the same specification. Some items are simply impossible to match and remember the following points:
- The quality of extension work is incredibly variable, if there is an extension, who did it and how competent were they?
- What has been bodged and hidden?
- What condition are the services in?
- Where are the services?
- What condition are the drains in?
- Is there concealed asbestos?
- Did you know that in the seventies, some Artex contained asbestos?
- Did you know that asbestos was often used for fascia and soffit boards?
- Has asbestos been illegally removed leaving potentially lethal dust?
- Everything has a lifetime, how much life is left in ironmongery such as the door/window hinges?
- What smells will the existing residents leave behind?
- What structural defects have been hidden?
- What condition is the roof really in?
- Where are the actual boundaries?
- Has there been a bad credit rating against this property?
- Is your surveyor doing his job thoroughly enough, will he really spot all the defects?
- You have no guarantee at all on this property so when you buy it, you are paying good money for the defects that come with it, now that's a cheery thought isn't it?

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