Barleyfields - Chatteris

Nine new detached bungalows on a piece of previously undeveloped land - in this day and age, that is quite a rarity.

Our architect has worked hard to make the most of this opportunity and his layout is intended to provide an estate redolent with charm and character in which people can enjoy their lives and feel part of a select community.

All the homes have ample parking and garaging and boast features that are only normally found on much more expensive house types. This is compounded by the extremely high standards of thermal efficiency that modern developments require and the result is that these new homes are both desirable to live in and economical to own.

Even better, our architect is a stickler for good materials and when you visit, you will not be disappointed at his inspiring material palette.

Click on the site plan above to enlarge the layout, it speaks for itself, but nothing can ever beat visiting the site for yourself, so if you think that you may be interested in one (or more!) of these homes, then please send us an email and we will be happy to notify you of progress and invite you to see the site as it nears completion.
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Barleyfields - Chatteris

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